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Every one knows how important the spine is to our health. But have you done any thing to take care of your own spine? If not, Master Liao’s groundbreaking creation of rSpine will enable you to do just that.

A healthy spine means so much to our overall health. Physically, the spine is the core of our body’s structure. It holds the body’s weight, and enables us to support ourselves as we walk upright. More importantly, the spinal cord and spinal nerves are an important part of the spinal column. Without their neurological functions to communicate between the brain, vital organs and body parts,, the body would not be in one piece.

rSpine is a Tai Chi style exercise or Qigong carefully designed by Qigong and Tai Chi Master Owen Liao. Master Liao created rSpine movement by applying hidden Tai Chi rules. Hence it is extremely effective. Quickly after performing rSpine, you will find that the circulation of your entire spine from the neck to tailbone is largely improved.

Through the simple rSpine movement, it might be your first chance to take care of your own spine. If you feel your body is curved forward, backward while you are walking, or find it difficult to keep your balance while standing, it is time to take care of your spine now. It makes no sense to wait and let it develop into painful conditions later.

In about one minute, you will be able to experience the following benefits:
• The entire spine feels warm, strong and refreshed.
• It is easier to stand up straight with better walking posture.
• With a healthy spine, the neurological communication between the brain and the body will be improved. Indirectly, it will also improve the functions of your vital organs and result in better health of your body.
• Being able to stand up straight with balanced walking posture evokes strength and confidence.
By practicing rSpine daily, the stronger spine will lead you to much better quality of life in so many ways.

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