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Our neck and shoulders are the most vulnerable to stress. I am almost certain that you have tightened up your shoulders during a stressful event in the past. If the stress is not managed, it can develop into neck and shoulders problems. Once you notice your tightened shoulders, it is essential to get them relax again sooner than later. rShoulders offers immediate stress relief in just one minute. It does not need additional space. rShoulders is the best Qigong exercise in the office setting.

rShoulders is a form of Qigong, self-massage and a self-healing tai chi exercise. In just one minute, rShoulders is certainly your healing therapy to relax the stress in your neck and shoulders.
The exercise also offers many important benefits in our modern lifestyle:
1) It is the best way to release your stress almost instantly.
2) It also refreshes your mind by directing the essential energy to your brain through your relaxed neck and makes you more alert.
3) It calms your emotions by charging the energy to your emotion center in the frontal lobes of your brain.
4) It improves your well-being by supplying more energy to your motor cortex at top of your head. You might find your entire body become lighter, especially your steps while you are walking. It is a surprising feeling of well-being!

rShoulders is a Tai Chi style exercise or Qigong carefully designed by Qigong and Tai Chi Master Owen Liao. Master Liao created the rShoulders movement by applying hidden Tai Chi rules. Hence it is extremely effective. Quickly after performing rShoulders, you will find the circulation of your upper back, shoulders, neck and even in the head greatly improved, hence the whole upper body is relaxed instantly.

rShoulders is a simple swimming-like exercise. Everyone can learn it by following the short video. It is extremely easy to learn, yet it is very effective with profound results. From the first time you try it, you will find it so easy to reduce stress in your neck and shoulders.

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