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Do you walk like you are dragging your feet, kicking or jumping?

Would you like to improve your walking with better balance?

In just one minute, your body will learn to walk more naturally with the Mind-Body technique introduced by rFeet.

Most people think they know how to walk, but in fact, more than 90% of people’s walking postures need improvements. Problematic walking includes kicking, dragging, jumping or even feeling heavy. Some people may be walking with one side of foot. If you have foot pains or tight ankles, then your walking is certainly a problem.
Poor walking not only impacts people’s overall image of you, but also indicates your health status. If the walking problem can be corrected early, it could prevent the development of some chronic conditions and prevent injury from accidental falls.

One in three older adults falls each year in the United States. Every 18 seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency department for a fall, and every 35 minutes someone in this population dies as a result of their injuries caused by a fall. The average direct expense was over US$10,000 per case in 2003.

For fall prevention, C.D.C. recommends Tai Chi as a regular exercise to increase strength and improve balance. A 2004 N.I.H. study showed that with just 6 months of Tai Chi exercise, falling incidents of older adults was reduced by 67%. rFeet is the best fall prevention program. In just one minute, your walking will be improved. The experience is amazing!

rFeet, like rShoulders, is the second Tai Chi style self healing therapy or Qigong created by Qigong and Tai Chi Master Owen Liao. Master Liao created rFeet movement by applying hidden Tai Chi rules. Hence it is extremely effective. It takes only one minute to perform. You will be able to walk better and improve your balance right after performing it nine times. The chance of fall will be greatly reduced. This way, you will continue enjoy your quality life.

rFeet is a unique Mind-Body Tai Chi self healing exercise and designed for:
1) Older people to walk better and prevent falls
2) Anyone with walking difficulty or poor walking gait
3) Everyone interesting in improving his or her walking style

Practicing rFeet regularly offers many healing benefits:
1) Walking better by feeling more control over your entire foot
2) Improved balance with more freedom in your movement
3) Better confidence and feeling more grounded

It is all right to perform rFeet with your cane or even have someone physically support you during your practice, when it becomes necessary. The proper assistance will enable you to focus more on the walking technique, free from worry about keeping your balance.

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