Master Owen has also published books to guide readers on how they can better manage their bodies. These books are available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

Tai Chi Self-Healing Qigong Therapy

Most of us know very little about our own bodies. We are used to relying solely on doctors to tell us about our health. In this book, Master Owen introduces a complete do-it-yourself approach, and returns to you the management of your own health, from self-diagnosis to self-healing.

The twenty exercises in this book all are based Tai Chi principles and extremely easy to learn. Each movement was created with a particular purpose for the body. All together, they not only benefit the body from head to toe, but they are also intend to help people of various life styles and conditions. Whether one is an office worker, elderly, physically or emotionally stressed or other — all will find useful tips to enhance their health.

The primary goal of this book is to show you how to evaluate your own current health risks as early as possible through the walking technique, and then show you how to reevaluate yourself after you perform some of the selected exercises. The exercises are generally very easy to do, yet they offer profound benefits almost immediately. This book could be used as a therapeutic tool in various adult communities, in nursing homes, physical education programs in schools, fitness programs in the workplace, and at home with your family.

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Essence Tai Chi

Essence Tai Chi was created by Master Owen Liao, Ph.D. It is a Yang style Tai Chi and has only 15 movements. It covers all four directions and four corners. It is a whole body exercise. It takes about 8 to 10 hours to learn and only takes four minutes to perform. It only needs a 6’ x 6’ open space, so you can perform it in front of your TV set in the living room.

Tai Chi is the best general, all-purpose exercise for all ages — from childhood to old age. It is a very gentle and calming exercise. The practice of Tai Chi improves the metabolism, evens the breath, and strengthens the body’s circulation. It stimulates the cells deep within the body and massages the ligaments, joints and internal organs. During the practice of Tai Chi, the joints are bathed in chi resulting in clearing of the blockages in the acupuncture meridians. The resulting benefits provide an improvement in the quality of life: better health, better mobility, a longer life span and a happier disposition.

Among many styles of Tai Chi, Essence Tai Chi is the best known for improving and maintaining health. Immediate benefits can be achieved within four to five minutes. The form can be repeated if an extended practice is desired. The book has step-by-step Tai Chi photos. With these detail photos, it makes Tai Chi learning easy and fun! The unique foot panel on each step is a creative way to assist you to position your feet more precisely.

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