Qigong refers to a set of exercises whose purpose is to enhance Qi flow in our bodies and benefit our health. Qigong exercise originated in China many thousands of years ago. Qigong styles are mostly intended for health purposes alone, whearas Tai Chi was originally a martial arts practice. But with its soft style exercise, it shared many health benefits with Qigong. Hence, it became popular for its focus on health about 150 years ago.

Master Liao discovered a way to combine Tai Chi and Qigong forces into a series of Qigong movements for self-healing purposes.



The rSeries is derived from Tai Chi and consists of 6 movements: rShoulders, rSpine, rFeet, rArms, rHips, and rLegs. Each of them is very simple to perform and has a specific therapeutic purpose for a particular body part.

rShoulders is very good for our upper body and our head.

rSpine is one of the very few exercises that can stregnthen our spine.

rFeet helps us to walk better and improve our balance.

rArms stretches our arms and shoulders.

rHips relaxes the largest joints of our body – the hips; the benefit is wonderful.

rLegs energizes both legs as a whole, including the knees and ankles.

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